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The Athletic Pelvis : a comprehensive approach from a pelvic health perspective

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This unique course explores the connection between Pelvic Floor Function and Dysfunction and the role the pelvic floor plays in sport and activity in both males and females. It will help Pelvic Health Physios to understand this connection in depth and deliver insights in treating an athletic population with pelvic pain.

There’s a lot to take into account when working with athletes who present with pain in the pelvic area. An extensive assessment and differential diagnosis is hugely important. This course will address this thoroughly and make you more experienced in setting up the right treatment programme and have better outcome results with patients in a sports population.

The course will have a theoretical basis as well as practical assessment and clinical reasoning and will consist of lectures where interaction will be encouraged.

The practical labs will help consolidate the clinical reasoning with the taught practical skills.


The course will look at:

  • How to assess the connection between the hip,the groin and pelvic floor
  • How to assess the lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints and the lower limb for factors contributing to your patient’s pelvic pain
  • Tests you can perform to differentiate hip joint, sacroiliac joints and lumbar spine involvement in pelvic pain
  • Differential diagnosis of common hip and groin injuries- including hernia and nerve issues
  • The practical labs will help consolidate the clinical reasoning with the taught practical skills. We will finetune the internal techniques and the neural techniques, for example for N. pudendus, N. ilioinguinalis, N. genitofemoralis, N. cluneal posterior, …


Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor qualified as a Physiotherapist over 35 years ago and has spent the majority of his career working with patients living with chronic pain and dysfunction. He is a visiting lecturer for the Masters programme in Dance Education and Science at Edinburgh University and is involved in research into the validity of strengthening training for young dancers. Bill Taylor is a visiting lecturer at the BM (Midwifery) and Masters of Midwifery at Napier University. He has taught his Advanced Pelvic Floor Skills and The Athletic Pelvis Courses to specialist physiotherapists throughout the UK, and in Iceland and Israel. He continues to explore the complex area of pelvic pain and dysfunction through teaching, research and practice with a new colaboration with Brunel University, London. 


Deze opleiding richt zich enerzijds op kinesitherapeuten zonder bijzondere bekwaamheid in pelvische reëducatie, maar met een grote interesse in het begeleiden van behandelen van vrouwen tijdens de zwangerschap. Anderzijds geeft deze opleiding voor reeds gespecialiseerde kinesitherapeuten aanvullende kennis en skills.


PQK - Algemeen kinesitherapeutisch - 24

PQK - Bekkenbodemreëducatie en perinatale kinesitherapie  (automatisch toegevoegd) - 28


640€ (excl btw) , 30% korting indien betaling met KMO-Portefeuille  (bij uw aanvraag dient u te opteren voor het thema 'beroepsspecifieke competenties')



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