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PowerTalk: Pelvic health in patients with neurologic deficits

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Patients that are being treated for neurologic dysfunction have a variety of therapy services offered to them.  Many physicians and therapists overlook bowel and bladder concerns for these patients as an untreatable side effect.  There are a variety of behavioral and pelvic floor interventions that can be applied to this patient population. 

This powertalk will present the common bowel/bladder and sexual side effects that patients can experience with diagnoses of stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s Disease.  Medical treatments of bowel and bladder dysfunction in the neurogenic population will be delineated.  The PowerTalk will then explore behavioral interventions that therapists and caregivers can apply to be able to alleviate some of the quality-of-life impact that these dysfunctions can have. 

The therapists will leave this PowerTalk with knowledge of the screening maneuvers used in these clients and basic advice that can be given to this population of patients.


  • Participants will be able to describe the common bowel and bladder issues experienced by patients with neurologic insults.
  • Participants will be able to identify the typical treatment techniques that can be used by pelvic floor physical therapists to treat patients with neurologic insults.



Kinesitherapeuten, pelvische kinesitherapeuten, neuromotorische kinesitherapeuten, artsen,...


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