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PowerTalk : End-stage Rehab for the Endurance Athlete

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With high rates of injury and ongoing reoccurrence amongst endurance athletes, this can be one of the most frustrating limitations in an endurance athlete’s quest for high performance. An emerging evidence-based modality to overcome this limitation amongst endurance athletes is Strength and Conditioning training. Strength and Conditioning can be used as sport-specific, end-stage rehab, but also ongoing training for high performance.

Although Strength and Conditioning is only gradually becoming common practice amongst endurance athletes, it is starting to become strongly advocated by health professionals for endurance athletes to manage injury and optimise athletic development.

However, it is extremely crucial that Strength and Conditioning is prescribed correctly and with good technique cueing to suit the athlete’s individual circumstances. This is because if done incorrectly, the athlete’s rehab progress and athletic performance can be hindered. But when done correctly, there is very strong evidence that it is a very successful method for end-stage rehab and raising the standard of endurance performance.


At the conclusion of the Powertalk, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning for performance or end-stage rehab for endurance athletes
  • Regress and progress exercises to suit the level of the athlete
  • Perform the key resistance, power and plyometric exercises for endurance athletes
  • Prescribe sport-specific end-stage rehab for endurance athletes



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