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PowerTalk : Beliefs about Running : Time for a reality check

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Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, but one that is also rich with false beliefs about training, injury prevention and injury management. Perhaps that is why there is such a high prevalence of injuries amongst runners. This course outlines 10 of the most common myths about injury prevention, injury management and training. After this course, the clinician will be better able to discuss and manage running injuries and training with their patients


After the presentation participants will be able:

  • to explain the cause of most running injuries
  • appraise and prescribe appropriate footwear to their running patients
  • to debate how running is not associated with a higher risk of knee osteoarthritis, but is actually beneficial
  • explain that within limits, higher running volume is not associated with higher injury rates
  • to summarize how sleep, stress and diet influence running injuries



Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten, chiropractors, trainers en andere professionals uit de zorg- en sportsector.


4 pt PQK  - UBC-BVC 2 CPD pt


58€ ex btw


Syllabus, uitgesteld kijken mogelijk tot 48u na het verzenden van de opname

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