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PowerTalk: Shoulder Labrum Tears – Relevance, Reasoning & Rehabilitation

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‘Shoulder Labrum Anterior-Posterior lesions’ or SLAP lesions are the subject of controversy in respect to classification, their relevance and what they mean to management. So, who gets SLAP tears and why? What are the risk factors and what can we do about them? When do SLAP tears matter and when do they warrant surgical intervention? Can we diagnose them, and if we can do they matter? What are the best rehabilitation options?  For the answer to these questions and many more join us for an evening of all things SLAP related.


Through participating in the PowerTalk candidates will:

  • Gain an up to date understanding of who gets SLAP tears and why
  • Appreciate the key subjective factors that warrant consideration of a SLAP tear in differential diagnosis
  • Understand identified risk factors for getting SLAP lesions
  • Be informed about current trends in surgical management, how they have changed and why
  • Be equipped with key rehabilitation strategies for the management of SLAP lesions and considerations in post-operative care.



(Sport)kinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, (sport)artsen,...


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66€ (excl btw)


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