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PowerTalk: Vulval symptoms in Women’s Health - the bigger picture

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This PowerTalk aims to broaden understanding about the assessment and management of “vulval symptoms” offering clearer guidance on where to start with a set of “symptoms” which can be bewildering to unpick.

The multifactorial aetiology of vulvodynia contributes to what can be a challenging clinical assessment in women of all ages. The overlap between physical and psychological causes creates layers of complexity, posing questions we may find difficult to answer, reconciling the biopsychosocial approach with the patient sitting in clinic.

This talk will discuss the aetiology and categorisation of vulval symptoms and how this relates to our assessment and specifically to interpretation of findings. Significant time will be spent discussing scenarios with reference to case studies exploring the clinical reasoning underpinning treatment strategies.


A greater understanding of :

  • The broad categorisation and aetiology of vulval symptoms
  • The association between clinical symptoms and examination findings
  • Treatment planning
  • Clinical complexity within this category of patients with specific reference to dyspareunia/sexual dysfunction.



Kinesitherapeuten, pelvische kinesitherapeuten, vroedvrouwen, artsen,...


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