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Powertalk : Saddle Sore in cycling – an MSK Approach to Pelvic Pain

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The topic of pelvic pain in cycling is often not spoken of freely. It is a topic that many cyclists will not feel comfortable talking about with coaches, bike shop assistants or even their GP. As a result of this, the lack of conversation about all things pelvis pain can result in cyclists suffering in silence

Cycling shouldn’t be uncomfortable and cyclists should know about their pelvic regions to avoid pain, discomfort and potential harm.

This talk is for MSK physios who want to expand their knowledge of how to assess, diagnose and treat pain in the pelvic region. It will also be useful for Pelvic Health Physios who want to expand their MSK approach to Pelvic Pain.


  1. The talk will review the relevant anatomy of the pelvic region – including muscles, joints, nerves and joints and vascular systems – and how these relates to the pathology and dysfunction in this area. Considering the effect of load on connective tissue and the vascular system.
  2. Discuss the symptoms which may indicate the problem is arising from the Pelvic area 
  3. We will consider the common symptoms of pelvic pain – especially in cycling- and consider the differences between men and woman cyclists
  4. Discuss how cyclists present with pain in the pelvis area
  5. Discuss the more ( and less) common conditions experienced by cyclists – including bony/muscular and neural.
  6. Provide a framework to develop treatment plans for these conditions
  7. It will apply current pain science to the concept of pelvic pain and look at a biospsychosocial approach to pelvic pain in cyclists.


  1. Overview of Anatomy related to Pelvic Pain and cycling
  2. Causes of pelvic pain – focussing on MSK causes
  3. Review the common symptoms of pelvic pain
  4. Differences between Male & Female Pelvic issues in cycling
  5. Assessment of Pelvic pain - how to ask the questions and what questions to ask.
  6. Treatment of Pelvic Pain – using an MSK approach (Tips & tricks)
  7. The Physiotherapists Role getting cyclists back in the saddle




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