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PowerTalk : Rescuing the older knee

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This course will examine osteoarthritis, the signs and symptoms of the osteoarthritic knee and the degenerate meniscus, as well as discussing the long-term effects of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. It will look at intervention strategies that you can use and will demonstrate the effectiveness of these strategies from evidence in the literature. It will provide simple strategies for patient self-management to help improve function and quality of life for the older knee, minimise painful recurrences and avoid surgery where possible.

This PowerTalk includes theoretical and practical components and explores recent studies to give a greater insight into treating the older knee. You will also gain pain management strategies for post-knee arthroplasties to assist rehabilitation.


At the completion of the course you will be able to:

  1. Explain to a patient why they have knee symptoms.
  2. Understand effects of lower limb loading.
  3. Understand how to unload pain and the importance of interrupting the pain cycle tape
  4. Design an easy, manageable home exercise program.



Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten en manueel therapeuten.


Pro-Q Kine 4pt


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Syllabus, uitgesteld kijken mogelijk tot 48u na het verzenden van de opname

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