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Lizzie Marlow

Lizzie Marlow is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with extensive experience in both the NHS and private sector. Lizzie has a particular interest in lower limb and running injuries, including complex foot and ankle conditions, knee injuries, patellofemoral pain, lower limb tendinopathy and hip and groin conditions.  

Lizzie Marlow has completed advanced clinical practice modules at King’s College University and The University of Hertfordshire. These courses have helped her to develop advanced skills in the assessment and management of patients with complex MSK conditions. 

Lizzie Marlow enjoys her role as a lecturer and course tutor on a variety of different lower limb and running courses, as well as teaching at evening lectures and international symposiums. 

Courses taught by Lizzie

This two-day course aims to help you develop a systematic approach to managing patients with a variety of different foot and ankle injuries and pathol...
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