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PowerTalk : "Strength training and the female pelvic floor: what we all need to know

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We understand strength training is important for building bone density, decreasing musculoskeletal injury, improving athletic performance, psychological well-being and more, however the health of the female pelvic floor can be vulnerable at times (for instance after childbirth), potentially leading to pelvic floor dysfunction.

Because of the potential for dysfunction, advice on strength training in females is often conflicted with many health professionals advising against it completely or blindly restricting the amount of load, despite the lack of research in this area and popularity of female participation in strength training. 

This PowerTalk will focus briefly on the functional anatomy of the female pelvic floor with regards to intra-abdominal pressure, research to date on pelvic floor and strength training, potential risk factors for pelvic floor dysfunction, and some practical tips to integrate pelvic floor support during strength training.

This talk will also include tips for professionals to help with screening females who might need referral to physiotherapists working in pelvic floor rehabilitation, and how they can help.


  • Appreciate pelvic floor support and function in relation to strength training
  • Understand common pelvic floor dysfunction and risk factors for strength training
  • How to start integrating pelvic floor support into exercise
  • Awareness of screening for potential pelvic floor dysfunction and referring on



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