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PowerTalk: SI-joint pain: assessment and management - a person-centered, hybrid approach

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This PowerTalk will offer a hybrid approach, that allows clinical reasoning to guide the management for every individual with sacroiliac joint (SIJ) disability.
The focus of this webinar will be for the patient with predominant biomechanical factors driving pelvic and SIJ-pain.

The hypotheses and mechanisms regarding SIJ disability have evolved significantly since ‘simple biomechanical models’ of position/asymmetry were proposed in the 1980’s.

Managing these conditions includes understanding of the types of pain and recognizing psychosocial factors as a barrier to recovery.

However, when biomechanical factors are predominant, consideration should be given to any ‘form closure’ deficits and maladaptive motor control strategies. For this, assessments tests for control/mobility of the SIJ are needed.

Individual case studies will be presented to help participants to optimize their clinical reasoning towards management (manual therapy, education, exercise).


At the end of this course the participant will understand:

  1. How the three phenotypes of pain (nociceptive, neuropathic, nociplastic) and the key features of each helps to determine if a biomechanical approach is warranted.
  2. How to develop a tailored assessment and treatment/management suitable for an individual with nociceptive pain from structures in the pelvis, including the SIJ, with predominant underlying biomechanical impairments.
  3. The clinical reasoning of the clustered test findings will be presented along with the prescriptive management that includes manual therapy, education, and exercises with progressions that grade exposure to loading.



Kinesitherapeuten, bekkenbodemtherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten en (sport)artsen.


4 pt PQK


66€ (excl btw)


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