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PowerTalk: Reframing Rotator cuff related shoulder pain

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Shoulder pain is a common problem and for most will resolve within 3 months. However persistent symptoms can be challenging to manage; a bio-psychosocial framework is often recommended but what does this mean in practice?

This PowerTalk will include simplifying diagnostic assessment, share what best practice physio management for Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain (RCRSP) should be, based on current trials, understanding how to optimise exercise prescription personalising it to patient capability. We will discuss exercise progression, with an aim to functional muscle training and navigate participants to online resources and guidelines.

The course will cover our understanding of shoulder muscle EMG activity and how we translate this into practice, the role of symptom modification tests, kinetic chain in addressing shoulder pain.  As well as the challenges of why does it not always get better,  when to consider referral on, managing patient expectations,  ensuring shared decision making so that care is personalised.


By the end of this PowerTalk attendees should:

  • Be aware of current evidence in informing practice and patients
  • Understand the recruitment strategy of muscles at the shoulder girdle
  • Apply anatomy knowledge to exercise prescription
  • Be able to guide patients through exercise progression with functional muscle training
  • Know how to reframe the clinical assessment and identify enablers and barriers to patient outcome
  • Be aware of screening tools/resources to focus patient management.



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