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PowerTalk : Neck Pain : Assessment, Rehab & Exercise

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  • Why is neck pain often recurrent and episodic in nature?
  • What can you do to speed up recovery and prevent recurrence in your patients?

Whether acute, persistent or arising from whiplash or sports injury, neck pain can be challenging to manage in the clinical setting. This Powertalk will give you the skills and knowledge to improve your outcomes in acute and persistent neck pain, through in-depth discussion of practical ‘hands on’ evidence-based assessment and treatment approaches that you will be able to put to use in your clinic, the very next day.


  • Describe the signs and symptoms of sensorimotor impairment in neck pain
  • Explain why clinical tests for proprioception of the neck are not specific tests of cervical afferent function
  • Describe the three main approaches to optimising sensorimotor function in neck pain
  • Describe ways to progress sensorimotor training in neck pain
  • Describe the muscle morphological and functional (eg timing, EMG amplitude) changes that are associated with neck pain.
  • Describe four evidence-based tests of muscle performance in neck pain
  • Describe ways to add multiplanar resistance to the neck in rehabilitation



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