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PowerTalk for Students - Running Injuries : Get Hip

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What are you really looking at when you look at runners? A running gait analysis should be an extension of your evaluation, yet many clinicians lack to focus to correlate when they see on the exam table to what they see in a run.

This PowerTalk will focus on the causative biomechanics in running gait that overload the hip complex. We’ll train your eye to isolate specific gait imbalances, how they impact tissue stresses, how the correlate back to clinical exam testing.

To achieve these goals, we’ll take a deep loop at hamstring tendinopathy, glut med tendinopathy, femoro-acetabulair impingement, and femoral stress fractures. 

You’ll leave this PowerTalk with the knowledge and skill to build both rehab interventions and running gait cues to successfully address your runner’s form imbalances. 


  • Understand the difference in frontal and transverse plane gait imbalances
  • Build a mechanistic understanding of tendinopathy.
  • Identify the gait imbalances drive hamstring tendinopathy, drive glut med tendinopathy, femoral stress fractures, and FAI.
  • Train your eye to isolate the imbalances in planar instability, and how they correlate to exam findings.
  • Rationalize the ways runners compensate for clinical exam findings while running.
  • Build successful rehab programs to solve the mobility and stability blocks that create gait problems.
  • Apply running gait cues to ensure clinical goals transfer into running form.



Deze PowerTalks is enkel toegankelijk voor bachelor- en masterstudenten


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