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PowerTalk: C-section preparation and recovery

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There is limited information and guidance surrounding cesarean birth leaving parents feeling unsure of how to prepare for and recover postpartum. Given that cesarean birth rates are rising it is important that practitioners be informed of evidence based tools and approaches to best support our cesarean birth clients. Physiotherapists, rehab professionals and midwives have much to offer in terms of support and exercise guidance. 

This PowerTalk will provide the attendee with an understanding of the anatomy behind a cesarean birth as well evidence based strategies and exercise to help clients navigate postpartum recovery. 


  • Understand the anatomy of a cesarean birth
  • Understand the emotional and psychological considerations surrounding cesarean birth
  • Learn the role as physiotherapists in helping clients prepare for cesarean birth
  • Learn the role as midwives in helping clients prepare for cesarean birth
  • Review the early postpartum considerations (red flags, pain management, support garments)
  • Learn strategies to implement in the early recovery stage 
  • Gain confidence with exercise progression 
  • Learn how to incorporate scar desensitization and mobility
  • Explore creative ways to provide guidance in your work setting



(pelvische) kinesitherapeuten & vroedvrouwen


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