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PowerTalk: Exercise for osteoporosis - Only the best will do

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For many years, exercise was considered to be insufficient therapy for osteoporosis. A closer look revealed that the type of exercise typically applied did not reflect the principles of osteogenic loading due to a fear of causing fractures in a fragile population. In recent years, studies completed in the Beck lab at Griffith University have shown that exercise can indeed be powerful therapy for osteoporosis if applied correctly and with appropriate supervision.

This PowerTalk will provide the background for the development of the Onero program for osteoporosis and the evidence of effectiveness and safety in clinical practice.


  • An increased awareness and knowledge of osteoporosis epidemiology and risk
  • An understanding of the rationale and evidence behind targeted exercise therapy for osteoporosis
  • Knowledge of the pathway to learn safe and effective exercise therapy for osteoporosis


Belinda Beck

Belinda Beck is a Professor at Griffith University (Gold Coast, QLD, Australia) and the Menzies Health Institute Queensland and founding Director of The Bone Clinic, a translational research facility and clinical practice providing evidence-based exercise for patients with osteoporosis. She graduated from The University of Queensland (BHMS[Ed]) and the University of Oregon (MSc and PhD) and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship in the Stanford University School of Medicine (CA, USA).  Her work, primarily related to the effects of mechanical loading on bone, has involved both animal and human models, from basic to clinical research. Her particular focuses have been exercise interventions across the lifespan for the prevention of osteoporotic fracture, and the management of bone stress injuries in athletes and military recruits


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