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PowerTalk: Best practice with a stiff & painful wrist

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The wrist is a common site of pain and dysfunction, yet many clinicians struggle with diagnosis, when to manage or refer on, and how to offer appropriate rehabilitation.

In this session expert Thomas Mitchell will share his experiences to help navigate the clinician toward diagnosis, and how this shapes a holistic package of care. He will explain indications for diagnostic investigations, appropriate loading, rehabilitation and injection therapy in addition to the adjunct of splinting. Thomas’s bias as a Mulligan Concept teacher will demonstrated showing where Mobilisation with Movement has a place in managing the stiff and painful wrist. 


Through participating in the PowerTalk on the painful wrist, candidates will:

  • Be aware of the indications and limitations of diagnostic tests for the wrist and hand.
  • Have the confidence to use simple equipment and tools to allow functional testing.
  • Have useful rehabilitation ideas to immediately try with patients.
  • Understand the judicious use of adjuncts symptoms and the indications for Mobilisation with Movement in stiff and painful wrists.




Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, sportartsen, ...


4 pt PQK


66€ (excl btw)


Digitale syllabus, uitgesteld kijken mogelijk tot 48u na het verzenden van de opname.

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