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This two-day course aims to help you develop a systematic approach to managing patients with a variety of different foot and ankle injuries and pathologies that are sports-related (such as anterolateral impingement, tendinopathies, fasciitis, acute sprains, metatarsal stress fractures,…).

There is a real emphasis on enhancing your clinical reasoning skills, differential diagnosis, and ability to use precise therapeutic handling techniques. We also provide extensive treatment ideas, including manual therapy, taping and individually tailored exercise programmes. We provide you with lots of clinical pearls and tips that you can apply immediately to your clinical practice. The course is a mixture of theory, case studies, group discussions and LOTS of practical!


  • To develop subjective history taking and pattern recognition skills specific to the foot and ankle.  
  • To develop differential diagnosis and practical assessment of: 
    • Lateral ankle pain
    • Medial ankle pain
    • Posterior ankle pain
    • Plantar heel pain
    • Midfoot and forefoot pain
  • To develop a systematic approach to identifying treatable MSK impairments that can be used to guide the rehabilitation process.
  • To understand the key management principles for foot and ankle conditions (e.g., footwear modifications, manual therapy, graded rehabilitation, when to make onward referrals).


Lizzie Marlow

Lizzie Marlow is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with extensive experience in both the NHS and private sector. Lizzie has a particular interest in lower limb and running injuries, including complex foot and ankle conditions, knee injuries, patellofemoral pain, lower limb tendinopathy and hip and groin conditions.  

Lizzie Marlow has completed advanced clinical practice modules at King’s College University and The University of Hertfordshire. These courses have helped her to develop advanced skills in the assessment and management of patients with complex MSK conditions. 

Lizzie Marlow enjoys her role as a lecturer and course tutor on a variety of different lower limb and running courses, as well as teaching at evening lectures and international symposiums. 

Liz Bayley

Liz Bayley is currently the head physio on ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre, with the company West End Osteopathy. She is also a specialist performing arts physio with the world renowned ‘Trinity Laban’ in London. Her special interests are the foot and ankle, injury reduction, stretching and flexibility, Reformer Pilates, and return-to-sport/dance rehabilitation.

Liz has also worked in private sports injury clinics and is Clinical Pilates instructor. She has written articles on dance injury prevention and has been a guest on many different podcasts, talking about her work with performers, and feet! Liz was a professional dancer for 15 years, performing all over the world, including a year in Paris at ‘The Moulin Rouge’. Her time as a dancer sparked her interest in sports injuries and completed an advanced diploma in sports therapy in 2009.


Sportkinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, sportartsen, osteopaten, podologen.


Pro-Q Kine 24 punten


640€ excl. btw, 30% korting  indien betaling met KMO-Portefeuille (bij uw aanvraag dient u te opteren voor het thema 'beroepsspecifieke competenties')


Syllabus, lunch en koffiepauzes.


overzicht cursusindeling en pathologieën die aan bod komen

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