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PowerTalk : Understanding foot orthoses: applying principles into practice

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Foot orthoses are a commonly used treatment modality for may lower limb pathologies. A clinician’s confidence in discussing the relative merits and benefits of orthoses (as well as the limitations and risks) is usually strongly related to their level of understanding about them.

In this PowerTalk we will be covering what we currently know and don’t know about foot orthoses, and how we use this information to make clinical decisions. Along the way we will cover the 3 most commonly asked questions about them; Are they a life sentence? Do they make feet weak? Are custom made superior to off the shelf?


By the end of this PowerTalk attendees should:

  • Have an up to date understanding of how foot orthoses 'work'
  • Be happy applying this contemporary thinking to clinical scenarios
  • Be better equipped to answer questions from patients about foot orthoses
  • Appreciate how foot orthoses differing design features may influence their effectiveness
  • Be more confident in reading and critically appraising foot orthoses research papers



Kinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, podologen en (sport)artsen.


4 pt PQK


66€ (excl btw)


Syllabus, uitgesteld kijken mogelijk tot 48u na het verzenden van de opname

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