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PowerTalk : Sciatica - a guide for assessment & management’

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Sciatica is a common and commonly-misunderstood condition. This talk will clarify for the audience what causes sciatica (or, more accurately, lumbar radicular pain). We will discuss what happens in the spine and the changes in the nerve root, and how it all corresponds to patients' symptoms. Importantly, we'll also look at how to help patients understand what is going on. 

Then, we'll look at how to assess people with leg pain that's coming from their spine. We'll consider the most important differentials, how to do the best nerve exam and the most valuable tests to perform and questions to ask.

Finally, we will look at what the evidence says about treatment for sciatica, not only what you can do but also when you should refer on. We will also look at the qualitative research to think about what our patients' biggest problems might be, and what they want from treatment. 


  • Understand sciatica, or lumbar radicular pain
  • Improve the assessment of sciatica
  • Understand what the evidence says about treating sciatica
  • Appreciate our patients' experience of sciatica



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