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PowerTalk: Moving to Mastery - Developing better practice for better outcomes.

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Is leadership the preserve of the few, or a skill that can be developed like any other? What does it mean to be good at your job?

In this PowerTalk, Phil Glasgow will discuss the hallmarks of effective leadership and practice and identify why some people seem to be able to work better than others. Phil will explore the qualities that help us become more skilled in the development and practical application of all the theory and knowledge we have at our fingertips. Drawing on examples from the arts, sport, business and healthcare this session will provide a refreshing insight into how we can combine theoretical, contextual and individual factors to enhance outcomes for ourselves, our teams and our clients.


  • Enhance understanding of the complex relationship between knowledge, context and expertise
  • Understand different models of leadership and approaches to leadership development
  • Improve understanding of the factors associated with effective client outcomes
  • Identify strategies to help apply learning in real world contexts



Kinesitherapeuten, sportkinesitherapeuten, manueel therapeuten, bekkenbodemtherapeuten,...


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