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PowerTalk: Current approaches to hamstring injury assessment and rehabilitation : the problem is the solution!

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Hamstring injuries remain one of the most common injury in elite sports, particularly sports such as football (soccer), rugby, and track and field which requires high speed running. This injury receives an enormous amount of attention in the literature, with every aspect of the injury investigated, from biomechanics, mechanism of injury, rehabilitation, risk factors, prevention, and return to sport.

The objective of this Powertalk is to provide clinicians with the necessary knowledge to understand and interpret research on hamstring injuries, and integrate the research with our daily treatment in evidence based practice. In this session, we will focus on the assessment and rehabilitation of hamstring injuries.


After this PowerTalk, participants shall be able to:

  1. Perform and interpret an initial and daily assessment of hamstring injury.
  2. Able to plan and design a specific rehabilitation programme
  3. Integrate the latest research on hamstring injuries into clinical practice



Sportkinesitherapeuten, kinesitherapeuten, sportartsen, osteopaten, etc..


4 pt PQK


58€ excl btw


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