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PowerTalk : Functional assessment of the female pelvic floor

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19:00 - 21:00


This Power talk will discuss why a functional assessments of the vagina and pelvic floor are an easy and powerful adjunct to your current assessments and treatments. 

Especially for female athletes it is an added value to examine the pelvic floor in other positions. Just think of urine loss or complaints of a prolapse during walking, jumping, weightlifting, ... In a functional posture it becomes clearer why certain complaints occur and how you can integrate this into therapy and building up exercises.

After an overview of the functional anatomy of the female pelvic floor, we will focus on how to apply assessments and treatments of the pelvic floor in positions and movements that aren’t just laying on the bed (eg abdominal crunches, bridge, standing, squatting etc). 


  • Cover the latest research and evidence for functional vaginal and pelvic floor assessments
  • Discover if assessment findings from crook lie can predict what will be found in standing 
  • Describe normal functional anatomy and function of the female pelvic floor in the upright position
  • Overview of how to examine pelvic floor in different positions.
  • Formulate functional treatment plans based on assessment findings 


Helen Keeble

Helen Keeble (@helenkeeblephysio) is a clinical specialist pelvic health physiotherapist and has been loving working in pelvic health since 2008. She is a tutor/presenter in pelvic health, a qualified CrossFit coach and co-founder of Umi Health. In recent years Helen has also researched and developed her own post-graduate course and webinars focusing on the functional female pelvic floor that are open to all health and fitness professionals. 


Kinesitherapeuten, pelvische kinesitherapeuten, vroedvrouwen, artsen,...


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