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PowerTalk: Facilitating Fertility Through Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapists to support fertility? You bet! Fertility challenges are on the rise and physiotherapists, particularly pelvic health physical therapists are well positioned to help! Join us as Dr. Sinéad Dufour reviews the what, why and how related to physiotherapists facilitating fertility through the optimization of pelvic health, which means consideration of multiple relevant biological systems.

Infertility is defined as lack of conception after attempts to conceive for 12 months.

Despite the high burden, couples and individuals, who desire but are unable to achieve and maintain a desired pregnancy, have needs which are not being addressed, especially in lower resource settings worldwide.  Further the use of more medicalized assistance is on the rise but in many instances does not address the root of the issue.  The overall burden of subfertility/infertility is significant, likely underestimated.

In this talk Dr. Sinéad Dufour will review how together with a collaborative team approach, physiotherapists are key primary care providers to support conscious conception. She will start the webinar with an overview of the landscape of infertility in 2021 and will progress to discuss aspects of the pelvic health that are highly relevant when it comes to fertility promotion including but not limited to pelvic floor status, general tissue health and specific pelvic tissue restrictions including organ position, status of gut and associated immune system, status of the autonomic nervous system and more globally the degree of resilience in the stress-response system. You will appreciate a re-conceptualization topics such as pelvic pain, constipation and lifestyle interventions through the lens of conscious conceptions and “whole” care. At the end of this talk, registrants will have a better understanding of the what, why and how when it comes to supporting people with fertility challenges.


  • Understand the scope of fertility challenges, the contributors and what the current care approaches consist of from highly mediatized to conservative care.
  • Understand the need to mount a cohesive evidence-based approach in the conservative care to support fertility challenges, which includes care from physiotherapists.
  • Learn an approach to consider both structural and physiological aspects of fertility that physiotherapists are well suited to address.
  • Through a trauma-informed lens, understand the implications of fertility challenges to subsequent pregnancy and birth.
  • Participants will have enhanced clinical reasoning that will lend to supporting clients at all stages of their conception journey and will have more confidence and conviction in their ability to expand their care to this health domain.



Kinesitherapeuten met interesse in de pelvische reëducatie en perinatale kinesitherapie.


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