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PowerTalk: Evidence-based hacks for effective & efficient exercise therapy

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I don’t have enough time’ is the most common reason that clients give for not engaging in exercise rehabilitation. On the other side of the treatment table, clinicians frequently feel they don’t have enough time to prescribe effective exercise programmes. It seems time is a constant barrier to effective exercise therapy.

This PowerTalk will distil the broad and confusing strength and conditioning literature into a constructive and executable guide for clinicians construct efficient and effective resistance training programmes. This lecture will outline the evidence on topics such as the minimum effective dose for improving strength, balancing frequency and volume in the gym, and maintenance dosing. There will be clear take-home messages, practical hacks and programming templates to save you time in the clinic and to save your clients time in the gym.

Whether you are experienced with gym-based rehabilitation or just getting started, this talk is for you.


Participants will learn to:

  1. Prescribe lean and efficient resistance training programmes that align with your clients’ busy lives
  2. Distribute resistance training load effectively and efficiently throughout the week
  3. Apply maintenance dosages to cater for inevitable disruptions in your clients’ schedule
  4. Prioritise time for key exercises and save time during secondary exercises
  5. Get the intensity right using reps in reserve
  6. Make simple and effective progressions over time


Merv Travers

Dr Merv Travers PhD is a physiotherapist and strength & conditioning coach based in Perth, Australia. His clinical background includes working in professional rugby, and he provides clinical consultation for athletes with complex and longstanding musculoskeletal conditions all over the world.

He is a Senior Research Scholar working in pain and exercise rehabilitation at The University of Notre Dame Australia. Merv’s teaching areas include anatomy, pain neuroscience and exercise rehabilitation. He teaches into Physiotherapy Masters programmes in both Australia and Europe, and he regularly presents nationally and internationally.   


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