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Hip & Pelvic Pain – Alison Grimaldi

5 november - 6 november


Hip & Pelvic Pain : Contemporary Diagnostic & Management Strategies

Docent : Dr Alison Grimaldi (Australia)

Do you prescribe the same exercise program for every hip & groin pain patient, for weeks or months without progressions or an understanding of what you are attempting to achieve and why? Of course not. Right?

It is important to have a clear understanding of when, why and how to assess and address muscle dysfunction around the hip and pelvis in order to optimise patient outcomes. Movement patterning and muscle function around the hip and pelvis are key considerations for any lumbopelvic or lower limb problem and may even impact on upper limb function. Encouraging poor recruitment patterning and efficiency with simply imposing high load on underlying joints or soft tissues, may not be in the best interests of achieving optimal or painfree function. We need to do better.

And when someone presents with lateral hip or buttock pain, do you have a list of possible diagnoses that jump to mind? Do you consider posterior joint stability, extra-articular impingements of the lesser or greater trochanter or peripheral nerve entrapments?

Lateral hip and particularly buttock pain can often present a diagnostic dilemma. The lumbar spine and sacroiliac joints may refer into these regions; intra-articular hip pathologies may be accompanied by lateral hip &/or buttock pain; local soft tissues & neural structures may be primary sources of nociception. Developing an optimal management program with positive effects past the short term, requires an evaluation of the most likely contributors to the patient’s pain presentation including physical & psychological drivers. Intrinsic & extrinsic factors should be considered within the overall context of workload. Providing advice and interventions (active or passive) and development of strategies that allow maximal function requires awareness of all these factors.

Learning Objectives:

The workshop will teach skills that allow participants to:
-Perform a multifaceted assessment of muscle function for each group of synergists around the hip – hip flexors, abductors, extensors, external rotators and adductors, using standardised, objective measures
-Perform pain provocation tests for gluteal tendinopathy, ischial pain & associated soft tissue pathologies, and reason through the differential diagnosis for lateral hip pain
-Provide evidence-based load management and exercise strategies for lateral hip pain
-Assess and develop management strategies for posterior hip joint instability
-Determine the most appropriate exercise approach to target specific impairments
-Progress an exercise program in an appropriate & timely manner, using key markers for exercise effect & tolerance.
-Apply neurodynamic assessment and mobilisation techniques relevant to the lateral hip and buttock, and consider the impact of soft tissue interfaces
-Recognise the important anatomical relationships and functional roles of the deep external rotators

 Online Learning Component  : Understanding definitions, pathology & mechanisms

Aan deze opleiding is een e-learning-module verbonden die u GRATIS wordt aangeboden bij inschrijving voor deze opleidingsdag. Een aantal weken voor aanvang ontvangt u een persoonlijke login voor de website van dr Alison Grimaldi.

Datum : donderdag 5 en vrijdag 6 november ’20,  van 9u-17u

Doelgroep van de cursus : Kinesitherapeuten, sportartsen, osteopaten, chiropractoren.

Prijs : 540€ (excl btw), 40% korting indien betaling met KMO-Portefeuille

Inbegrepen : Syllabus, lunchbuffet en koffiepauzes.

Accreditatie : ProQ-kine 24ptn – UBC-BVC 14pt

Dr Alison Grimaldi is an Australian Sports Physiotherapist and the practice principal of Physiotec Physiotherapy in Brisbane, with 25 years of clinical experience and a special interest in the management of hip, groin and pelvic pain. She has a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and a PhD through the University of Queensland. Alison continues her research interests as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. She has conducted over 100 clinical workshops and has presented keynote and invited presentations widely, both in Australia and internationally, at many physiotherapy and medical conferences. She has also contributed to two leading clinical texts – Clinical Sports Medicine and Grieves Modern Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and recorded highly successful podcasts with the British Journal of Sports Medicine and PhysioEdge.


  • 5 november, 2020
  • 6 november, 2020
  • €540 excl. btw



Niet op voorraad!hip-pelvis - 5-6nov540,0050€ (excl btw) cateringkosten inbegrepen in vermeld bedrag.

Deze opleiding is helaas volzet. Indien gewenst kan u zich inschrijven op de wachtlijst.

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