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PowerTalk : Lower limb tendinopathy: the clinical gems from the research

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This PowerTalk will provide immediate clinical tips and tricks from differential diagnosis to assessment and rehabilitation fundamentals for common lower limb tendinopathies.  If you have ever found it difficult to apply the research to your clinical practice this course is for you.  We will work through challenges of mixed diagnoses ie when your patient has a peritendon condition and an underlying tendinopathy where do you start?!  We will cover principles of rehabilitation that you can apply as well as knowing when to progress your patient. 


  • Understand the four types of tendon load and be able to give examples for common lower limb tendons
  • Understand the most common clinical presentations for lower limb tendons
  • Be able to differentially diagnose or recognise missed presentations
  • Understand the principles of tendon rehabilitation progressions and why you cannot stop at strength



Sportkinesitherapeuten, kinesitherapeuten, sportartsen, osteopaten, etc..


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