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Ankle Sprains: prevention and rehab – essential update and guide

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Ankle sprains are the most prevalent lower limb musculoskeletal injury incurred by athletes (across all levels of competition) who participate in field- and court-sports. However, all too often colloquial terms such as a “rolled” or “twisted” ankle are used to describe an acute ankle sprain injury. In reality, acute ankle sprains are rarely ever a “simple” injury. Ankle sprains have the highest re-injury rate of all lower limb musculoskeletal injuries! Considering the high prevalence, efforts to prevent ankle sprain injuries and their associated impairments should be a priority amongst the sports physiotherapy community.

This 1-day course will provide a comprehensive evidence-informed overview of clinical assessment, rehabilitation and prevention of ankle sprain injuries, with a particular focus on the sensorimotor impairments associated with chronic ankle instability. The course will be an essential update and guide for clinicians working with field- and court-sport athletes. As an update, this symposium will present the most up-to-date peer-reviewed strategies. As a guide, it will outline how physiotherapists can effectively implement these strategies as part of their daily practice.


  • To develop a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice related to the ‘ROAST’ consensus statement
  • To develop an understanding of the theory related to impaired static and dynamic postural balance
  • To be able to objectively assess static postural balance and plan an evidence-based static postural balance rehabilitation programme
  • To be able to objectively assess dynamic postural balance and plan an evidence-based dynamic postural balance rehabilitation programme
  • To be able to plan an evidence-informed gait rehabilitation programme
  • To be able to plan an evidence-informed hopping and landing rehabilitation programme
  • To be able to make informed choices regarding the use of ankle joint bracing and taping


Eamonn Delahunt

Eamonn Delahunt is a Professor in the University College Dublin School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. Professor Delahunt is co-chair of the International Ankle Consortium (an international researcher and clinician community whose purpose is to promote scholarship and dissemination of research-informed knowledge related to ankle sprains). He is a Chartered Physiotherapist with significant clinical and research expertise in ankle sprains and chronic ankle instability. He has published >120 peer-reviewed articles.


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